Bamboo charcoal clean wall paint

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The wind chime tree DW-805 bamboo charcoal deodorant wall paint is based on deodorant and anti-mildew functional emulsion, and is refined by selecting various high-quality pigments and fillers and imported environmental protection additives. It innovates bamboo charcoal nanotechnology and greatly improves the purification of bamboo charcoal factors. The ability of air; unique technology, waterproof and breathable, so that mold and bacteria cannot survive, keeping the wall clean and beautiful for a long time; the paint film is full and tough, and has excellent scrub resistance and alkali resistance.

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Matching performance

The paint film is soft, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless;
Good leveling, scrub resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance and yellowing resistance;
Excellent anti-mildew and sterilization function, purify the air, and release negative ions (H3O2-) up to 500-600/m³.

Scope of application

Bamboo charcoal clean wall paint (4)

It can be widely used in hotels, apartments, office buildings, luxury villas, garden communities, hospitals, school buildings, kindergartens and other indoor painting.

Recommended painting system

High performance putty 1-2 times;
Advanced alkali-resistant sealing primer FL-805D once again;
Bamboo charcoal clean taste finish paint FL-805M twice.

Construction Description

Construction method: brushing, rolling, spraying can be used, should be fully stirred before use.
Dilution amount: For convenience of construction, it can be diluted with 10-20% water.
Film thickness: dry film 30-40 microns/pass, wet film 50-60 microns/pass, recoating time is a minimum of 2 hours (25°C), and the maximum is unlimited.

Bamboo charcoal clean wall paint (3)

Supporting construction technical parameters

Gloss  Matte
Adhesion  Grade 1
Water permeability  0
Paint consumption (theoretical)  4-5 square meters/kg/second pass
Color  see color card
Viscosity  ≥60KU
Friction coefficient  0.65
Surface dry  30-40 minutes (25℃)

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