Water-based container anti-corrosion coating

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This series of products is specially designed for international standard containers. The primer, intermediate paint and inner paint are based on water-based epoxy resin, and the outer paint is based on water-based acrylic resin as the film-forming base material.

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Matching performance

Excellent anti-corrosion ability to meet the protection requirements of the entire coating;
Using water as the dispersion medium, no toxic and harmful substances are produced during the construction process and the coating film-forming process;
The coatings are well matched, with moderate hardness, good adhesion, chemical resistance, good gloss and color retention, and a durability of more than 5 years.

Application range

Water-based container anti-corrosion coating (4)

Applicable to international standard containers, special containers.

Surface treatment

Remove oil, grease, etc. with a suitable cleaning agent. Sandblasted to Sa2.5 or SSPC-SP10 with a surface roughness equivalent to Rugotest standard N0.3.

Construction Description

High pressure airless spraying is recommended to obtain a uniform and good film.

Recommended packages

Primer FL-138D water-based epoxy zinc-rich primer, 1 pass 30μm
Intermediate paint FL-123Z water-based epoxy intermediate paint, 1 pass 50μm
Inner topcoat FL-123M water-based epoxy topcoat, 1 coat of 60 μm
Topcoat FL-108M water-based acrylic topcoat, 1 coat of 40 μm

Water-based container anti-corrosion coating (1)

Supporting construction technical parameters

gloss  high gloss
Volume solid content  about 40%
Hardness  inner paint H, outer paint HB
Complete curing  7d (25℃)
Shock resistance  50kg/cm
Adhesion  Grade 1
Color  according to the requirements of container specifications and container east standards
Theoretical coating rate  8m²/L (dry film 50 microns)
Specific gravity  primer about 2.5kg/L, middle coat about 1.5kg/L, topcoat about 1.2kg/L
Two-component mixing period  6h (25℃)
Establish water resistance time  Do not soak in water for a long time within 2 hours after drying
Surface dry (humidity 50%)  primer at 60°C for 15 minutes, intermediate paint and inner paint at 50°C for 10 minutes, exterior paint at 50°C for 10 minutes, and 70°C for 15 minutes

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