Water based glue for colored stone metal tile

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This product series is a new generation of environmentally friendly waterproof adhesives. It is prepared with water-based acrylic functional resins and nano-functional materials. It does not contain organic solvents and does not add heavy metal pigments.

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Product performance

Good chemical resistance and water resistance, moderate flexibility, excellent sand sticking ability, can meet the protection requirements of the entire coating; using water as the dispersion medium, no toxic and harmful substances are produced during the construction process and the coating film forming process, which meets the Environmental protection requirements: good compatibility, the coating film is firmly attached to metal substrates such as aluminum-zinc, steel, etc., and the adhesion of the upper coating film can be enhanced.

Scope of application

Water based glue for colored stone metal tile (3)

The board constructed with the base coat is suitable for the occasions where the ambient temperature is from -50℃ to 50℃. According to our suggestion, the service life can reach more than 25 years.
Recommended painting system
FL-201D colored stone metal tile glue primer; FL-201M colored stone metal tile glue finish.

Construction Instructions

Surface treatment; the performance of a coating is generally proportional to the degree of surface treatment. Be sure to require the board to be free of oil, dust and other impurities. Construction conditions: The construction should be carried out according to the normal requirements of the best construction conditions, the relative humidity is less than 85%, the substrate temperature is greater than 10 ℃ and the dew point temperature is greater than 3 ℃. There should be plenty of ventilation during construction and drying in confined spaces.
Construction method: High pressure airless spraying is recommended to obtain a uniform and good coating film. In order to ensure that the coating film has good sag resistance, the base coat does not need to be diluted with water, and the top coat should be moderately added water depending on the gloss. Drying conditions: 80°C, 20-30 minutes.

Storage and packaging

Storage temperature ≥0℃, packing 50±01kg, primer model: FL-201D, topcoat model: FL201M.
Remarks: Customers should read our product description in detail and construct according to our recommended conditions. For construction and storage conditions beyond our recommended range, please consult our technical department, otherwise abnormal phenomena may occur.

Water based glue for colored stone metal tile (1)

Supporting construction technical parameters

Gloss  High Gloss (Topcoat)
Volume solid content  56±2%, topcoat 45±2%
Specific gravity  Primer 12kg/L, topcoat 1.05kg/L
Shock resistance
Adhesion  Grade 0
Colors  can be formulated according to customer or environmental requirements
Theoretical coating rate  4.0㎡/kg (dry film 100 microns)
Drying time  10℃≤4h, 25℃≤2h, 50℃≤1h
Viscosity  Primer≥120KU, Topcoat≥50KU

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