Water-based steel structure heavy-duty anti-corrosion topcoat series

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This product series is specially designed for heavy-duty anti-corrosion. It is made of water-based polyurethane resin, water-based fluorocarbon resin and functional pigment with isocyanate curing agent.

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Matching performance

Excellent anti-corrosion ability to meet the protection requirements of the entire coating;
Using water as the dispersion medium, no toxic and harmful substances are produced during the construction process and the coating film-forming process;
Two-component curing, good hardness, good adhesion, chemical resistance, durability of more than 10 years. Good gloss and color retention.

Application range

Water-based steel structure heavy-duty anti-corrosion topcoat serie (

It is suitable for various extra-large steel structures, ships, mechanical equipment, bridges, airports, oil tanks, oil pipelines and installations with harsh environments and high anti-corrosion performance requirements.

Surface treatment

This product series must be applied on the primer or intermediate coating, and the substrate is free of oil and dust. If there is rust, it needs to be treated with primer before applying topcoat.

Construction Description

High pressure airless spraying is recommended to obtain a uniform and good film.
Mix evenly according to the proportion. If the viscosity is too thick, it can be diluted with water to the construction viscosity. In order to ensure the quality of the paint film, we recommend that the dilution amount is 0%-5% of the original paint weight.
The relative humidity is less than 85%, and the construction surface temperature is greater than 10°C and greater than the dew point temperature by 3°C.

Water-based steel structure heavy-duty anti-corrosion topcoat serie ( (3)

Recommended packages

Primer FL-128D/133D water-based inorganic epoxy zinc-rich 1-2 times
Intermediate paint FL-123Z water-based epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint 1 time
Topcoat FL-139M/168M water-based polyurethane/fluorocarbon topcoat 2 times, matching thickness not less than 250μm

Executive standard


Supporting construction technical parameters

gloss  high gloss
Color  refer to the national standard color card of the wind chime tree
Volume solid content  40%±2
Theoretical coating rate  8m²/L (dry film 50 microns)
Specific gravity  1.20kg/L
Surface dry (50% humidity)  15℃≤1h, 25℃≤0.5h, 35℃≤0.1h
Hard working (50% humidity)  15℃≤10h, 25℃≤5h, 35℃≤3h
Recoating time  recommended minimum 24h; maximum unlimited (25℃)
Complete curing  7d (25℃)
Hardness  1H
Adhesion  Grade 1
Shock resistance
Mixed use period  6h (25℃)

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