Water-based hammer pattern corrugated orange pattern paint series

short description:

This series of products are specially designed for machinery and equipment. The primer is made of water-based epoxy resin paint, and the topcoat is made of water-based epoxy resin paint or polyurethane topcoat. The topcoat has hammer-like ripple orange pattern effect.
Matching performance
High and low temperature resistance to alternating heat and cold, aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance;
Yellowing resistance, high hardness, good gloss, and can be treated outdoors for a long time without discoloration and powder;
The effect of corrugated hammer pattern is obvious and three-dimensional.

Product Detail

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Scope of application

It is suitable for surface coating of various indoor and outdoor metal equipment, and is specially used for anti-corrosion protection and decoration of metal surfaces such as mechanical and electrical equipment, aircraft, instruments, electric fans, toys, bicycles, and auto parts.

surface treatment

Water-based hammer pattern corrugated orange pattern paint series (4)

All surfaces to be coated should be free of oil and dust, and should be kept clean, dry, and pollution-free. The old paint film must be completely dissolved by thinner, and primers and putty should not be sprayed to cover. All surfaces should be evaluated and treated according to ISO8504:1992.

Construction Instructions

(1) The coating should be fully stirred and evenly mixed; the bottom and surface curing agents must be used correctly and the proportion must be accurate;
(2) The mechanical paint requires one-time film thickness. To achieve a better gloss, it is best to use an air-assisted airless type with relatively good atomization.
spray, or require multiple sprays.
(3) The paint film can be dried by itself or at low temperature, the hardness of the dried paint film is higher, and the effect of corrugated hammer pattern is better;
(4) Epoxy or polyurethane can be selected for indoor equipment, and polyurethane must be used for outdoor equipment;
(5) After spraying, the tools must be cleaned with diluent in time, otherwise the spray gun can no longer be used.

Recommended package

Primer FL-213D/Water-based epoxy primer 1 time
Topcoat FL-133M water-based polyurethane topcoat (corrugated/hammer pattern/orange pattern)/213M water-based epoxy topcoat (corrugated/hammer pattern/orange pattern) 1-2 times, the matching thickness is not less than 150um.
Executive standard: HG/T5176-2017

Supporting construction technical parameters

Gloss  High gloss (top coat)
Color  refer to the wind chime tree color card or according to the sample
Volume solid content  40%±2
Theoretical coating rate  8m²/L (dry film 50 microns)
Specific gravity  primer 1.3kg/L, topcoat 1.15kg/L
Surface dry (50% humidity)  15℃≤2h, 25℃≤1h, 35℃≤0.5h
Hard working (humidity 50%)  15℃≤12h, 25℃≤8h, 35℃≤5h
Recoating time  recommended minimum 24h; maximum unlimited (25℃)
Complete curing  7d (25℃)
Hardness  1-2H
Adhesion  Grade 1
Shock resistance
Mixed use period  4h (25℃)

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