Water-based acrylic amino paint

short description:

The water-based one-component amino baking paint is composed of water-based resin, functional additives, pigments and fillers, water-based amino resin and other materials, and is refined by advanced technology. It has good fullness, gloss, hardness, weather resistance, gloss retention, color retention, chemical resistance, etc.

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Application range

It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor metal surface coating, and is specially used for anti-corrosion protection and decoration on metal surfaces such as mechanical and electrical equipment, instruments, electric fans, toys, bicycles, and auto parts. In particular, it also has excellent performance on the surface of non-ferrous metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Construction Description

Water based glue for colored stone metal tile (3)

Mixing ratio: one component
Construction method: airless spray, air spray, electrostatic spray
Diluent: clear water 0-5% clear water 5-10% distilled water 5-10% (mass ratio)
Curing temperature & time:
Typical dry film thickness 15-30 microns Temperature 110℃ 120℃ 130℃
Minimum 45min 30min 20min
Maximum 60min 45min 40min
The actual production line can control the baking time as appropriate according to the temperature in the furnace, and the leveling time can be appropriately increased according to the increase in the thickness of the sprayed film.

Substrate Treatment

Remove any contaminants (oil stains, rust spots, etc.) on the metal surface that may be detrimental to surface treatment and spraying; for steel surfaces: remove the oxide scale and rust on the steel surface by sandblasting cleaning, which is required to reach Sa2.5 level, after sandblasting The processed workpieces should not be stacked for a long time to prevent rust on the surface
Application Conditions: All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free of contamination, and all surfaces should be evaluated and treated in accordance with ISO8504:1992. The construction environment temperature should be 10℃-35℃, the humidity should be ≤80%, and the temperature should be more than 3℃ above the dew point to avoid condensation. During the construction and drying period in a narrow space or in the case of high humidity, a lot of ventilation should be provided.

Storage and Transportation

The product should be stored in a shaded place, storage temperature: 5~35℃, and protected from severe cold, sunlight and rain during transportation. The shelf life of this product is 6 months.
Pre-coat primer: None, or water-based anti-rust primer as specified.
Additional topcoat: none, or as specified finish varnish.

Water-based acrylic amino paint (4)

Supporting construction technical parameters

Color/Shade  Various (including silver powder)
Gloss  high gloss
Appearance of paint film  smooth and flat
Quality solid content  30-42%
Theoretical coating rate  14.5m²/kg (20 microns dry film)
Mixing density  1.2±0.1g/ml
Curing  30min (120±5℃)
Volatile organic compound content (V.O.C)  ≤120g/L

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