Water-based steel structure acrylic anti-corrosion paint

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This product series is made of water-based acrylic anti-rust functional resin, non-toxic and environmentally friendly anti-rust pigments, and does not contain organic solvents.

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Product performance

Excellent anti-rust performance, using water as the dispersion medium, in line with environmental protection requirements; good adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, long-lasting bright color; good matching, construction according to our company's recommendations, service life of more than 5 years.

Application range

Water-based steel structure acrylic anti-corrosion paint (1)

It is suitable for various large-scale steel structures, mechanical equipment, guardrail pipelines, cast iron parts, oil tanks, petrochemical oil pipelines and installations with harsh environments and high requirements for anti-corrosion performance. It can be used as a primer for various solvent-based anti-corrosion coatings and other industrial paints for metal base layers.

Construction Description

Finish: New Steel: Sandblasted to Sa2 standard. For temporary surface protection, apply an appropriate shop primer. For other surfaces: Degrease with cleaning agent, remove salt and other contaminants with high pressure fresh water. Remove rust and loose coating with sandblasting and power tools.

Construction conditions: The construction should be carried out according to the best construction conditions required by normal requirements, and a large amount of ventilation should be used during construction and drying in a narrow space. It can be applied by roller, brush and spray. High pressure airless spray is recommended to obtain a uniform and good coating film. It must be stirred evenly before construction. If the viscosity is too large, it can be diluted to the construction viscosity by adding 5%-10% of the original paint weight with clean water. The relative humidity is less than 85%, the surface temperature is higher than the construction temperature required by the product (usually 5°C, see the certificate for details) and 3°C higher than the dew point temperature.

Recommended packages

FL-108D water-based acrylic primer 1-2 times
FL-108M water-based acrylic topcoat 1-2 times Recommended total dry film thickness not less than 150μm

Storage and Packaging

Storage temperature≥0℃, packing 20±0.1kg Executive standard: HG/T5176-2017

Supporting construction technical parameters

Gloss  primer flat, topcoat glossy
Color  primer iron red, black, gray, red dan, topcoat refer to the national standard color card of bell tree
Volume solid content  40%±2
Theoretical coating rate  8m²/L (dry film 50 microns)
Specific gravity  primer 1.30kg/L, topcoat 1.20kg/L
Surface dry (humidity 60%)  15℃≤1h, 25℃≤0.5h, 35℃≤0.1h
Hard working (humidity 60%)  15℃≤10h, 25℃≤5h, 35℃≤3h
Recoating time  dry to the touch
Adhesion  Grade 1
Shock resistance

Product packaging

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