In hot summer, WINDELLTREE water-based thermal insulation and anti-corrosion paint is your best choice!

The hot summer is coming as promised. In some areas, the high temperature has continued for days, and the outdoor temperature has reached above 36°C. Some buildings, factories, containers and other uninsulated outer layers make the indoor temperature also like the outdoor, causing the human body no matter what the temperature is. It can also be very uncomfortable both indoors and outdoors; Although installing an air conditioner indoors can solve these stuffy problems, not all rooms can be equipped with air conditioners, so it is a good idea to apply a thermal insulation paint to the outer surface.

The water-based acrylic heat-insulating and anti-corrosion paint of WINDELLTREE is prepared by adding water-based acrylic emulsion as film-forming base material, adding anti-rust pigments, weather-resistant pigments, heat-insulating zirconium powder and other materials. Anti-rust pigments with high content of heavy metals such as chromium and lead are not added.

This product has good heat insulation and sun protection effect, long service life, and can achieve the ideal cooling effect. In view of the characteristics of high temperature, haze and dust, serious atmospheric acid rain corrosion, and high ultraviolet rays, water-based acrylic thermal insulation and anti-corrosion paint has been researched and launched. It is suitable for metal products such as chemical oil storage tanks, metal workshops, locomotive carriages, metal pipes and other metal products that have both thermal insulation requirements and high anti-corrosion requirements.

Product performance:

①It has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance and self-cleaning function;

②Excellent near-infrared and visible light reflection performance, when used together with thermal insulation primer, it can provide excellent thermal insulation effect;

③Excellent acid resistance, salt water resistance and salt spray resistance, with wide applicability;

④Good thermal insulation effect, easy construction, and can achieve a cooling effect of 10°C.

Construction Description:

Surface treatment: The performance of the paint is usually proportional to the degree of surface treatment. When painting on the matching paint, the surface is required to be clean and dry, free of impurities such as oil and dust.

It must be stirred evenly before construction. If the viscosity is too large, it can be diluted with clean water to the construction viscosity. In order to ensure the quality of the paint film, we recommend that the amount of water added is 0%-5% of the original paint weight.

Multi-pass construction is adopted, and the subsequent coating must be carried out after the surface of the previous paint film is dry.

The relative humidity is less than 85%, and the construction surface temperature is greater than 10°C and 3°C higher than the dew point temperature.

Rain, snow and weather cannot be used outdoors. If construction has already been carried out, the paint film can be protected by covering it with a tarpaulin.

Post time: Oct-19-2022