The development prospect of water-based coatings

The importance of water-based coatings:

Firstly, the characteristic of water-based paint is that it has some characteristics of water, which is different from traditional paint, but water is a substance that we are all familiar with in our life. Whether it is laundry, cooking or drinking, it is inseparable from it, so the water-based paint in this kind of paint can only show its properties like water, but its real success lies in reducing the proportion of organic solvents in the paint, or even completely replacing organic solvents. The reason for this conclusion is that the organic solvents contained in traditional coatings have brought too much trouble to human life, but before the emergence of water-based coatings, people must accept the negative effects of traditional coatings.

Secondly, the advantages of water-based paint are not limited to protecting the environment, it can also protect the construction personnel. The workers working in the paint industry must be more or less poisoned by traditional paints, and some people have even experienced fires burning organic substances. The emergence of water-based coatings has made non-toxic treatment easier and less toxic to workers. For the sake of the environment, it also brings health to those who work on the front line.

Finally, in terms of price, water-based coatings have a more economical and practical cost-effectiveness. The organic solvents contained in traditional solvents are restricted by petroleum, while water-based coatings contain very little organic solvents, or even do not directly contain organic solvents, so the restriction is very small, and the price is very cheap. Therefore, compared with the use of organic solvents, it is affected by the price of oil in other countries. To innovate and develop water-based coatings by yourself is like breaking away from the shackles. Whoever can develop their own water-based coatings and apply them widely can alleviate the limited petrochemical industry. The pressure to develop organic solvents for energy can also bring considerable benefits to the country’s subsequent economy. It can be seen from this that the development of water-based coatings is not only a trend in the coating industry, but also a new way for countries to improve their competitiveness and ease the pressure on petrochemical energy.

The development prospect of water-based coatings:

The development of water-based coatings in various countries is still in the process of exploration. Today, the proportion of water-based coatings in industry and other fields is still relatively small. Various factors are affecting the development of water-based coatings. Slowly, the sales of water-based coatings in developed countries can account for about 80%, but only 40% in developing countries, which shows the gap between countries in the development of water-based coatings. However, in recent years, the introduction of the world’s environmental protection policies and the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection in various countries have promoted the development of water-based coatings. More and more young people are involved in the research of water-based coatings. The future development of water-based coatings in the world will be very good.

At the same time, the lack of petrochemical energy has brought new opportunities for the development of water-based coatings. Because petroleum resources are non-renewable resources, in the context of increasing shortage of petroleum resources, the world oil price is rising rapidly, and the prices of oil-related products also increase accordingly. At this time, people have noticed the advantages of water-based coatings, so in recent years, there are more and more examples of using water-based coatings in industrial coating. According to the environmental protection policies of various countries around the world, the characteristics of water-based coatings can respond well to its call, which is a rare opportunity for development.

Post time: Oct-19-2022