The effect of rust on steel structure, you should understand!

With the economic development of countries around the world and the continuous development of technology in the construction field, steel structure construction can be seen everywhere, such as mechanical equipment, guardrail pipes, viaducts, residential buildings and so on. Steel structure has many advantages, but rust and corrosion is a fatal disadvantage. Steel structure accidents caused by rust often occur, which has caused the majority of users to pay more and more attention to the reliability and durability of steel structures; Rust and corrosion will cause the reduction of the section of the component and the decrease of the bearing capacity. The main factors affecting the surface corrosion of the steel structure are the natural factors, the aging of the coating, and the construction reasons.

Steel corrosion not only causes huge economic losses, but also has a significant impact on the safety and durability of buildings. If there are many thunderstorms, the steel exposed to the air will inevitably corrode. We cannot prevent the occurrence of natural factors, but we can do a good job in protecting it; In addition to the use of corrosion-resistant steel, it is necessary to choose some paints with anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties to paint on it as protection, so it is essential to choose a practical steel structure paint!

The WINDELLTREE water-based anti-corrosion paint for steel structure has excellent anti-rust performance. It is prepared with anti-rust functional resin and non-toxic environmental protection anti-rust pigment. It does not contain organic solvents and uses water as the dispersion medium, which meets the requirements of national environmental protection standards. It has good adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, and long-lasting bright color; it has good matching properties, and it can be constructed according to our recommendations, and the service life can be up to more than 5 years.

Post time: Oct-19-2022