The steel structure industry market is booming, how to choose the right water-based industrial paint?

With the industrialization of steel-structured houses, large-scale buildings adopt steel-structured buildings, rail transit construction, warehousing and logistics park construction and energy construction projects develop rapidly. Ushering in explosive growth, it is expected that by 2023, the output of steel structures in my country will exceed 130 million tons. In the face of soaring production, environmental protection issues in the industrial field have received much attention from all walks of life.

Since the promulgation of “oil ban” and “oil to water”, more and more solvent-based paints in the industrial field are changing to water-based paints, and many overseas customers have asked Chinese suppliers to replace water-based industrial paints. Since water-based industrial paint is still a relatively new field in China, many water-based industrial paints on the market are only called “water-based”, but they are actually fake water-based paints and paints. Therefore, when choosing water-based industrial paints, the following aspects can be considered:

1. Anti-rust performance test

The common anti-corrosion test index is the salt spray test result calculated in hours. When choosing a water-based industrial paint, you should first find out whether there is a clear salt spray test index in the material process requirements. If so, how many hours is the index (if the project is general, the salt spray test results may not be required in the case of low requirements).

2. Requirements of process conditions

The content of the process conditions can contain multiple contents. These mainly include coating methods, film thickness requirements, drying conditions and so on. The coating method can include spray, roller, brush and other processes; Whether there is heating and drying equipment on the construction site, and whether there is any limit to the drying time and other drying conditions.

3. Requirements of laws and regulations

Since the global water-based industrial paint is currently in an emerging stage, when choosing a water-based paint, you should understand the volatile organic compound content, residual content and other indicators contained in it, and meet the corresponding legal and regulatory requirements.

WINDELLTREE has been cultivating the paint market for several years, focusing on environmentally friendly water paint technology, and developing a series of water-based industrial paint products that are anti-rust and anti-corrosion, fast drying, and cost-effective. The specific products include water-based steel structure paint, multi-functional water paint, water-based enamel paint and water-based blending. It has entered the international market of water-based industrial paints in an all-round way, and is at the forefront of the environmentally friendly water-based industrial paint industry.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The water-based¬†paint of WINDELLTREE will actively explore the new model of “market-centered” enterprise development, focus on the market and serve the market, continue to expand business fields and service scope, improve service quality, improve its own brand credibility, and provide customers with better quality and efficiency service.

Post time: Oct-19-2022